For our International (non-U.S.A.) customers:

Fuller Laboratories offers both individual components and complete Test Kits. Please see the listing of our International Distributors.

  • Indirect Immunofluorescence and MIF antibody test kits are available in 120-test formats. Kits include 10 IFA substrate slides, working strength Conjugate, titered Positive and Negative Controls, Mounting Medium, Wash Buffer (PBS), and Instructions for Use. Controls and Conjugate are packaged in plastic color-coded dropper bottles ready-to-use. Special Serum Diluents, where useful, are included, especially in the case of IgM class antibody tests, where an IgM Sample Diluent is required.
  • Our ELISA Test Kits contain all required components, including EIA modules of 12 x 8-well strips, Sample Diluents, Controls, Conjugate, Chromogenic Substrate, Stop Solution, Wash Buffer, and Instructions for Use.

For our customers in the U.S.A.:

Some IFA and EIA Product Lines are available in kit formats (IVD), while others are sold in component form within the United States. These component items have a long pedigree, but are made available strictly as Analyte-Specific Reagents to laboratories maintaining their own methods, protocols and interpretations. We cannot recommend any intended use or ascribe attributes beyond the product descriptions outlined in the Component section of this web site (not in the International section).