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About Fuller Laboratories

Fuller Laboratories is a specialized diagnostics manufacturer located in Southern California. We have particular expertise with vector-borne Rickettsia, Ehrlichia and Anaplasma, as well as some of the arboviruses, and a diverse collection of Babesia for in vitro antigen production. We have been working with these agents for over 31 years and, in 2018 we were granted a patent describing In Vitro Propagation of Babesia microti (US 2018/0080004 A1) and look forward to new collaborations. Our goal has always been to produce the optimal serological formats to differentiate true positives from true negatives for any specific agent, and to make these assays easily reproduced on a daily basis.

We are very customer-centric and spend a great deal of time working with testing laboratories and academic centers worldwide to better serve these regional healthcare systems. Our product line, especially with the genus Rickettsia, requires the maintenance of a large collection of species in order to continue making the appropriate antigens available where needed. Our antigens differ from assay to assay and, with the exception of our recombinant antigens, they are purified from infected cell and erythrocyte cultures propagated in our BSL-2+ and BSL-3 facilities.

Along with our regular catalog and custom products, we have the track record, capacity and experience to continue offering extensive Private Label and OEM products to the diagnostics industry. We also have some great new products coming from R&D, so we invite you to check out our website.


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